Sinh viên: Lê Nhật Hưng
Đơn vị: Trường Đại học Dân Lập Duy Tân
Lượt bình chọn: 2385

Bee-Glasses is a product to help blind people doing activities in daily by themself such as moving indoor (from living room to bathroom, kitchen,...) - outdoor (Ex: from their house to public place such as library, hospital,...), know the person who is talking with them and standing in front of them, identified the object they want(Ex: such as table, bed, chair,..) and reading normal book like normal people and translate their book into their language (ex: from English to Vietnamese).

Bee-Glasses which called glasses for blind which help people do by myself:
- Moving outdoor such as moving from home to public place (library, hospital,...)
- Moving indoor such as moving from living room to another place (bathroom, kitchen, ...)
- Reading book is a function which help blind people can read normal book
- Translate is function which help blind translate paragraphs into their languages ( is also attached in reading book function)
- Object - People recognition are two functions which can help blind people know who is he/she talking to and find object in their house such as chair, table, bottle, sofa
-Identifying Obstacle is a function which help blind people can know the obstacle ahead and help them to avoid this obstacle
- Listening Music, Time Notification are 2 functions which help blind people can know the time and relax.